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The misunderstanding about the Claris software development platform

Uitdagingen ICT-oplossingen

The misunderstanding about Claris FileMaker that it runs exclusively on Apple equipment is incorrect.

Claris Studio and MongoDB technology, a powerful combination

bomen powerful integration

Create powerful and scalable applications by integrating Claris Studio with MongoDB technology.

Why companies choose OpenC

Remco in Austin

On his way to Texas, Remco asked himself why companies choose OpenC to develop their insurance solutions.

Innovations at OpenC

afbeelding innovation

We will be ready for you in 2024 with a new website, new collaborations and an improved software platform.

We Insure Group adopts new RealXS insurance software


Discover the latest RealXS insurance software. We Insure Group is one of the first who has adopted it.

Sustainable relationship with Solarif

Harry Wolkenfelt

The eventful history of Solarif Group and the sustainable collaboration with RealXS and OpenC.

OpenC establishes Claris partnership

Claris-LowCode-BigDogs-970x250 thumbnail

OpenC is proud to announce that it has recently entered into a partnership with Claris, an Apple Company.