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At OpenC we offer software for the insurance industry. We understand insurance and that your business is unique. That is why we tailor our solutions to what you need. Personal attention is our priority. Customization and technological innovation are the driving forces behind our company.

Why OpenC?

Easy to use

Manage your insurance products in our friendly UI. Suits organizations of every size.

Personal contact

We believe in personal contact and understand that every customer is unique. At OpenC you are a valued partner.

Suits niche markets very well

OpenC's software is adaptable and suitable for a variety of insurance products.

Efficient systems

Our platform makes collaboration easy and prevents duplication of work. This speeds up your processes and ensures efficiency.

Innovative products

The long history of innovation in the insurance sector ensures trust and expertise among our customers.

Powerful partners

With partners such as Claris and RealXS, we have the technological expertise for your specific insurance issue.

At OpenC we believe that the future of insurance starts with innovation and flexibility. Contact us to discover how our solutions can improve your business.

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Remco van Buren from OpenC proved to be a valuable partner in the transition to the RealXS software. He has a listening ear and immediately applies his analytical skills. He understands the insurance market and the solutions and software needed. So he combines that knowledge from both sides. That's very valuable. He and his company OpenC are a trusted partner. If you present an issue to him, you know it will be solved in a robust way.

Harry Wolkenfelt
Solarif Group

Our partners

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Insurance professionals manage their insurance activities with RealXS insurance software. With RealXS they can improve efficiency, streamline workflows and increase profitability. RealXS is used by insurance companies, brokers and agents. The software offers support for multiple languages and currencies.

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Claris, an Apple company, provides a development platform with FileMaker, Connect and Studio that allows you to build applications together with a Claris partner such as OpenC. In this way you will benefit from solution that exactly match your business requirements. The Claris platform offers an intuitive interface and powerful features, allowing users to develop complex and functional apps without extensive programming knowledge.

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