Relationship management with OpenClient


Manage customer relations, making quotations, customer-oriented administration and being able to easily fulfill your duty of care are some of your main tasks. Our goal is to help you digitize as much as possible. That is why we developed OpenClient. This is software for optimal management of customer data. OpenC has innovation as a core value, you can count on us to be at the forefront of the insurance software market.

Our software can quickly adapt to any change in your company.

Our insurance software can be adapted and expanded to your wishes. At OpenC we aim to work closely with you, to determine what you need to tailor the software. With a team of professionals, we guide you through the implementation, provide support and keep in contact. We see you as a valued partner and act accordingly.


The main goal is to streamline your business processes, with the help of our services and software. We provide you with a solid foundation and we will supplement it over time with new options in line with changes in the market.

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