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Do you work for an insurance company, an insurance broker, or a coverholder? Are you, as a member of the board of directors, insurance management or IT manager, looking for a better solution to streamline your business processes?

With extensive knowledge of the insurance market and the required IT and software development, OpenC focuses its services on these companies in the insurance sector.

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We Insure

We Insure Group, based in Amsterdam, is an internationally operating specialized insurer for film productions and events. As a niche player, they know how a film production or organizing large events work, and can therefore correctly determine the risks for these specific target groups. We Insure offers insurance to renowned customers in the film world for features such as feature films, documentaries, commercials, TV series, online films, short films, video clips and photographers. We Insure also insures events against risks such as cancellation, liability, accidents and failure of essential artists, speakers and important guests.

Since 2022, We Insure has been using the expertise of OpenC and now also the new software from RealXS. With the RealXS-software and with the OpenC services, We Insure have made their insurance products and business processes robust and efficient.


Solarif Group, based in Arnhem in the Netherlands, is an international insurer who offer exclusive insurance policies for business to business solar panel platforms.

They have been working with OpenC and RealXS since 2018. In close collaboration, we have successfully configured their complex solar insurance products with the RealXS software. Remco van Buren from OpenC turned out to be a valuable partner with a lot of knowledge of both the insurance market and the software and IT-requirements aimed at robustness, efficiency and security. Harry Wolkenfelt talks about his experience working with OpenC:

“Remco has a listening ear and is therefore immediately analytical. He understands the insurance market and the required software, so he combines that knowledge from both sides. That's very valuable. It also gives confidence. If you bring an issue to him, you know it will turn out well.”

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