Innovations at OpenC

We will be ready for you in 2024 with a new website, new collaborations and an improved software platform.

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What's new at OpenC?

Remco van Buren, founder of OpenC, is taking a new step in the insurance software market. Since the start of OpenC in 2012, Remco has strived for better and more cost-efficient insurance solutions. “My encounter with RealXS software turned out to be a good solution for many challenges in the insurance sector. The collaboration made it possible to develop insurance products quickly, cost-effectively and robustly. This led to a successful launch of a completely new insurance portfolio.”

Remco has not only been at the helm of OpenC, but has also worked a long time for at a senior level at various insurance companies. His versatile roles, ranging from advisor to responsible line and transition manager, were often at the intersection of business and IT, both at corporates and in SMEs.

What is awaiting us?

OpenC sees great opportunities in the rapidly changing world of composable software for insurtech. Small and medium-sized insurers in Europe are looking for robust, tailor-made solutions that can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently. Our recent collaborations with Claris, an Apple company, and the new version of the RealXS software platform strengthen our capabilities to meet these needs.

What do we offer now?

We are currently implementing the updated RealXS software at two niche insurers. They already experience the following benefits:

Team expansion and fresh website

In addition to improving our product offering, we recently expanded our team with experts in the field of IT, sales and marketing. Our updated website provides a clear overview of our activities and benefits. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested!

Ready for 2024 and beyond

With all these innovations, we aim to play a leading role as an insurtech specialist in the insurance software market by 2024. OpenC is ready to renew your insurance business and processes.

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