OpenC establishes Claris partnership


OpenC is proud to announce that it has recently entered into a partnership with Claris, an Apple Company. After obtaining the Claris Connect and Claris FileMaker Pro certifications and after technical assessment of one of the OpenC software applications, OpenC has officially joined as a consultant and partner of Claris.

Since 2012, OpenC has focused on developing complex software applications for the insurance industry, providing customized solutions to insurance companies and brokers, coverholders and proxy firms.

Scalable and flexible solutions

OpenC has consciously chosen the Claris platform to develop tailor-made solutions for its customers. Claris' powerful development platform enables digital transformation. With tools such as Claris Connect and Claris Studio, the platform offers a scalable and flexible solution for creating, integrating and managing data, allowing organizations to operate more efficiently.

Remco van Buren, founder of OpenC, emphasizes the impact of the partnership: “This partnership with Claris adds a new dimension to our services. Claris plays a special role in the software development world. This allows us to ensure continuous improvements in our services to our customers. Through this collaboration, we can support organizations even better in optimizing their digital workflow.”

Claris Studio, Claris FileMaker and Claris Connect

Claris is known for its very robust IT development platform that meets the highest security standards. Claris offers options for developing apps with no-code, low-code and pro-code. Users can therefore efficiently customize apps themselves without in-depth programming knowledge and without spending money on valuable consultancy and development hours.

Claris also develops Studio. This is a toolset that makes it easy to set up forms, questionnaires and surveys, even for anonymous users, without logging in. But it is also possible to build advanced management information dashboards with Studio. Claris Studio integrates seamlessly with Claris FileMaker, Claris Go and Claris Server. And Claris Connect is powerful workflow automation software that simplifies the integration of various apps and optimizes business processes through system integration.

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