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Your business is unique. We tailor our solutions to what you need. Discover how our three powerful solutions – Light, Full Force and Custom – help you digitize your insurance processes.


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From initial interest to purchase

We work with you to make an informed decision about whether or not to work with us. Your starting points lead us. After the information phase in the first and second conversation, often a proof of concept phase follows thereafter. You will be demonstrated or use a test environment to experience whether the software also functions as desired as desired. When you are satisfied with the product as it is, we make agreements and after that the purchase is finalized. During the implementation phase the existing data is transferred to the new application. Your project manager supervises the implementation phase and keeps in close contact with you about the progress.


We have made the choice to develop the OpenClient and the RealXS software on the Claris platform. Claris offers no-code, low code and pro-code solutions and a global network of professional developers. This means that we can always find new talent to continue developing the software and keep it future-proof for you.

Claris is an Apple company. Claris is a trustful player in the IT-market who put security of your customer data first. Our applications work with Windows and Apple computers and mobile devices. OpenC is closely involved with the latest developments of Claris. This makes the OpenC path that we take together with you, even more innovative.