Claris Studio and MongoDB technology, a powerful combination

Powering scalable applications

bomen powerful integration

Claris Studio, with its no-, low- and pro-code development capabilities, is seamlessly integrated with MongoDB technology to create powerful and scalable applications. By leveraging Claris Studio's intuitive interface and MongoDB's flexible NoSQL database, developers can design custom apps that efficiently manage, retrieve, and manipulate data.

Creating dynamic applications with responsive UI's

This combination allows for the creation of dynamic applications with responsive user interfaces, as MongoDB's document-oriented structure complements Claris Studio's design philosophy. The low-code nature of Claris Studio simplifies the development process, while MongoDB ensures efficient and scalable data storage.

Empowering developers with flexibility

Developers can use Claris Studio to design the application's user interface, logic, and workflows, while MongoDB handles the underlying data storage, offering flexibility in handling diverse data types and structures. This synergy enables the development of robust solutions tailored to specific business needs, providing a streamlined development process for creating feature-rich applications.

Pioneering innovation at OpenC

At OpenC we are at the forefront of this innovation. Remco van Buren, founder of OpenC, saw good opportunities for his customers and implemented the first working solutions for customers. Claris studio is a solution for every industry in which information needs to be brought in from outside. “We have never been so fast in developing solutions in the field of data sharing and distribution,” says Remco van Buren. We expect to be able to contribute a lot to the current market in which FileMaker is already part of the business operations. But we are also making big steps with relatively small solutions for companies where further automation needs to be done.

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