Tailored solutions


Do you have distinct ideas about how your insurance products and work processes should function in an automated environment? Then you are the customer for a custom application from OpenC. We offer you a method in which we guide you to a custom application for your insurance company. With our broad knowledge of insurance and IT development, we are a very experienced and reliable partner to develop a project with.

From the program of requirements to a functional design, from process description to development of your software, OpenC maps out with you what is needed and guides the project from A to Z. We then assist you with insurance technical, operational and IT management .

From our experience we can say: such projects are never easy. Sometimes insurance products and processes seem simple, but experience shows us that there are so many relationships between processes that there are no simple solutions.

It is very worthwhile to explore the process with us. It makes sense to call our sales department to discuss your wishes. This way you can get a clear picture in advance of the development costs and possibilities over time.

For detailed information, please contact our sales department. Schedule a call via the contact form at a time that suits you.

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