About OpenC

Our passion for innovation and customer focus are the driving forces behind OpenC. Our history, mission and dedication make us who we are.


Accessible and effective for everyone

OpenC wants to create a world where insurance solutions and software are accessible and effective for everyone. We strive for innovation in the insurance world by embracing the latest technologies and entering into various partnerships.

Constantly exploring new avenues

OpenC helps shape the future of the insurance industry. Our mission is to provide customized insurance solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers. We help companies renew their insurance business while improving control over their processes and information. Our passion for innovation and customer focus drives us to continuously explore new avenues.

Collaborate with integrity and customer-oriented

At OpenC, integrity, customer focus and innovation are the core of our services. We build relationships based on open communication, collaboration and trust. At OpenC, customers can count on high-quality solutions that offer maximum flexibility. This allows them to tailor, manage and further develop their insurance solutions at minimal costs.

Compliance and security

Complying with laws and regulations and continuously improving safety are an integral part of everything we do.

I started OpenC in 2012, based on the strong belief that developing good insurance IT-solutions could be cheaper and better. I was introduced to the RealXS software and saw that this forms a solution to many problems in the insurance world. Together with them, it became possible to create insurance products that were faster, cheaper and very robust.

We managed to convince a major insurer and major customer in a short time to develop and market a completely new large insurance portfolio with OpenC. Other customers and partners soon followed suit.

In 2022-2023 we have completely rebuilt the software on another IT-platform which we have carefully chosen.

In 2023 OpenC has established a partnership with Claris, Inc., an Apple Company.

Remco van Buren

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Collaborate with OpenC?

OpenC collaborates with innovative companies in the field of insurance and IT solutions, focusing on (re)insurance companies, MGAs, brokers and intermediaries.

Are you an individual or a company and are you interested in looking into the future with us? We are always open to collaboration in any form.