Why companies choose OpenC

Remco reports from the Apple Campus in Austin, Texas.

Remco in Austin

Claris Engage 2024 has started and Remco has arrived at the Apple Campus in Austin, Texas. We are proud that Remco has been invited by Claris to give a demo. In it, Remco will show what OpenC is developing for our customers using Claris Studio.

On his way to Texas, Remco asked himself why companies choose OpenC to develop their insurance solutions. He gives the following three reasons for this. The third one in particular is very valuable to our customers.

1) Efficiency, flexibility and customer focus with the Real Insurance software from RealXS

The Real Insurance platform from RealXS excels at managing insurance processes. Our clients love the software and are very enthusiastic about it because of its ease of use, flexibility and configuration options. They can use it to run all of their insurance practices. The software provides the finest reporting tools for the insurance companies and markets they work with. It empowers them to independently offer their highly specialized insurance products to their customers in a more easy and user-friendly way. Would you like to read more about our collaboration with RealXS? Our partners

2) Driven by innovation and customer focus

Our passion for innovation and customer focus are the driving forces behind OpenC. We strive for innovation by embracing the latest technologies and entering into various partnerships. In fact, we have already proven to be very innovative: a few years ago, one of our clients was nominated for the Lloyds Innovation Award, something we are still very proud of to this day.

3) Customization: The core of OpenC's customer-oriented approach

The third reason is the most important: customization. That is why companies chooses OpenC. Our clients are highly specialized niche players in the insurance market and require custom solutions that are tailored to the needs of their customers, those of the insurance companies, and the insurance markets they work with. This is why we became a Claris partner. Claris offers us the people, the platform and the potential to develop solutions for our customers. Therefore, we are very pleased that we have become such a close partner past year. Claris enables us to do the things we need to do for our customers.

This last reason is an extra reason for Remco to travel to Austin and participate in the Claris Engage 2024. We wish him good luck and great meetings!

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