The misunderstanding about the Claris software development platform

It runs not only on Apple devices, but also on Windows, Linux and in a web browser.

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In the world of databases and software solutions, Claris, an Apple Company, has built a solid reputation with the FileMaker platform as a very powerful tool for building customized apps. FileMaker is database and application development environment all in one. It just works. However, in some parts of the world there is still a misunderstanding about FileMaker: that it would exclusively run on Apple equipment. That is not true. This bias can prevent potential users from taking advantage of the many benefits of this versatile development platform.

Claris: A brief introduction

For those unfamiliar: Claris International, Inc. is a company that has been part of Apple, Inc. since 1987.

One of the products is Claris FileMaker. This is a relational database platform to develop customized apps for different business needs. It is known for its user-friendly interface, flexibility and fast development time. With FileMaker you develop apps that meet exactly what companies need for their business processes.

Claris also delivers other products, such as Studio and Connect. We will write extensively about Studio in future articles. In this article we focus exclusively on FileMaker. There are many thousands of FileMaker developers worldwide. They develop and manage many different types of software applications for their business customers.

Multi-Platform compatibility

It is still a misunderstanding that Claris software only runs on Apple's macOS and iOS. FileMaker and FileMaker Server also run on Windows computers. FileMaker Server also runs on Ubuntu Linux machines. Moreover: FileMaker Server has a powerful web server, so FileMaker apps also run in a web browser.

And then there is FileMaker Cloud. This offering from Claris eliminates the need to manage server hardware, software, and a network. So you can save time and money by no longer dealing with your infrastructure. It is all taken care of by Claris.

So, developers and users have all the flexibility they need to develop and deploy FileMaker apps on both Apple and Windows machines. FileMaker provides a unified experience across operating systems.

Web-based access

In addition to support for desktop systems, Claris FileMaker also has web-based access options. This means users can open and use FileMaker apps via a web browser, regardless of the operating system they are using. This opens the door to sharing FileMaker solutions with different users, regardless of their preferred platform.

Reliability and performance: Claris, an Apple company

As part of Apple, a company known worldwide for its commitment to quality and reliability, Claris FileMaker benefits from the same standards and values. This translates into a product that is not only powerful and versatile, but also exceptionally reliable and stable. The Claris products meet Apple's high standards in the field of information security and privacy.

The partnership with Apple allows Claris to benefit from the technological expertise and innovation that have become synonymous with the Apple brand. This allows Claris to continuously evolve and innovate, allowing users to rely on a platform that is both very robust and reliable while always being up to date with the latest developments in the technological world. This strengthens users' confidence in the FileMaker platform and assures them that they can count on a high-quality solution for their business needs.


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