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In developing complicated full suite insurance software applications for the insurance sector, we work with innovative companies in the field of insurance and IT solutions, aimed at (re)insurance companies, cover holders, brokers and intermediaries.


Dutch company RealXS has been around for than 40 years. They are experienced in developing software to support insurance professionals in improving their business processes.

The RealXS-software is designed to improve efficiency, streamline workflows and increase profitability for insurance companies, brokers and agents.

It offers a range of features including policy management, claims management, customer relationship management and financial management. The platform is cloud-based. It is designed to be scalable so it can grow with your business. And the software offers multi-language support, giving users the ability to work and communicate in different languages and in different countries.

Customers particularly appreciate RealXS's Real Insurance software for its ease of use, flexibility and configuration options.

With the innovations that the company is implementing in its software as of January 1, 2024, anyone who works in the insurance market can independently develop and automate insurance products even more easily and user-friendly.

The software is unique because it enables the fast and efficient design of complex insurance products. Unlike other systems, where it can take months to set up products, RealXS can make this possible within a week. The way of working reduces the need for expensive consultants, because end-users can do a lot themselves.

Harry Wolkenfelt
Solarif Group


Claris, an Apple company, offers a no-code, low code as well as pro-code IT-development platform and a global network of professional developers. The platform is based on the vision to make powerful technologies available to everyone. Claris is a strong player in the IT-market. They put the security of your customer data first.

We develop our software on the Claris platform. Since 2023, OpenC has been a certified reseller of Claris FileMaker Pro, Claris Connect and Claris Studio.

Claris FileMaker is a powerful low-code software that allows users to build and manage custom applications for various business needs. It offers an intuitive interface and powerful features, allowing users to develop complex and functional apps without extensive programming knowledge.

Claris Connect is a platform that allows users to streamline workflows, integrate and automate apps. It provides connectivity between different apps, allowing seamless data exchange. Users can easily create custom apps and improve business processes.

Claris Studio is a tool that makes it easy to set up forms, questionnaires and surveys, even for anonymous users, without logging in. With Claris Studio our clients can also manage their business processes and projects.

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