Operations and IT

Integrated approach to optimise your insurance business

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Efficient symphony

In operations and IT, every aspect of the insurance value streams come together as a large collection of interdependent activities and requirements. For example: advice, underwriting, valuation and (actuarial) pricing, inspections, client support, and claims, data and information processing, risk, compliance, HR and legal affairs. Organizing insurance activities, risk, compliance and IT as a seamlessly integrated and efficient symphony, requires continuous improvement of the right mix of fully automated activities on the one hand and human interference on the other.

We build our own IT insurance platforms for you and your clients

OpenC & company acts as a trusted partner to for insurance and reinsurance companies, MGA’s and brokers. We love insurance operations too! We make sure risk, compliance and data security are an integrated part of our approach to operations and IT. We even build our own multilingual, multi currency IT insurance platforms that cater for clients and insurance partners and that offer support for functions such as product and portfolio management, reporting, IT compliance and data security.