Insurtech and innovation

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Digital transformation

Insurance and reinsurance companies, MGA’s and brokers will continue to work on their digital transformations. Changes in information technology happen fast. Successfully identifying, selecting and integrating technological opportunities and threats, and to see what works for your insurance business, require continuous efforts. How to combine these potential innovation opportunities with important aspects such as compliance, data quality and security also require a lot of attention. At the same time your main focus has to stay on optimising client experience and creating value for your stakeholders.

DAO & insurtech

OpenC & company has a very long tradition of creating robust insurance solutions while innovating continuously. We take an academic approach to new organizational forms such as the DAO, and to new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, crypto, NFT (non fungible tokens). One of the key questions we keep in mind, is: how can relevant technologies benefit the strategic goals of your insurance business? And perhaps even more important: if applying great new technologies seems necessary, what could be the right timing?