Our story

Insurance and innovation

Network organisation

OpenC & company is a network of innovative insurance business & IT solutions providers, for insurance and reinsurance companies, MGA’s and brokers.

Innovative insurance

What sets us apart, is that OpenC & company has a combined history in constantly innovating insurance that goes all the way back to 1835. OpenC & company stands on the shoulders of this long tradition of both creating robust insurance solutions and innovating continuously. This is part of the DNA of OpenC & company.

Integrated approach

We care for improving client and distribution partners experience. We act as trusted partner to insurance and reinsurance companies, MGA’s and brokers. We love to create new insurance products, develop insurance processes and innovative insurance IT platforms. And we love insurance operations too! We make sure all aspects, such as risk, compliance and data security are taken fully into account. As a matter of fact: we take a deeply integrated approach to insurance, IT and innovation.

Focus on your insurance business

We offer insurance solutions that help you to realise your insurance business vision and goals, to transform your business and to create sustainable value for all stakeholders concerned.

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