Business and product development

Creating sustainable growth by an integrated approach

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Continuously improving your client experience is a key activity for insurance and reinsurance companies, MGA’s and brokers. Designing client experiences, in combination with distribution optimization, creating products and integrating internal and external business and IT processes, form the foundational layers of any insurance business, that wants to deliver sustainable value to all stakeholders concerned.

Business objectives

Identifying opportunities in changing client risks, distribution and improving loss prevention methods are just a couple of examples in the long list of important issues on your insurance business agenda. You want to focus on your insurance business growth and what creations and improvements really work. Innovation is of importance, sure. But clearly, terms like ‘insurtech’, ‘machine learning’, and ‘artificial intelligence’ should not take your attention away from realising your insurance business objectives.

Sustainable growth

OpenC & company is the insurance solutions partner to leverage your insurance business, products, processes and IT. While paying thorough attention to aspects such as risk and compliance, our main focus is on sustainable growth of your insurance business along the lines of these three drivers of growth:

  • Client and distribution experience

  • Product innovations and process improvements

  • Insurance operations and IT.